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Exit Without Exiting

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This book is for entrepreneurs, specifically two types: those who are successful but unfulfilled and want something more, and those who are capped by their ability to grow their business further. If you're one of these entrepreneurs, then Exit Without Exiting is the book for you. I share the tactics to free up over 50% of your time in the business, so you can focus on growing it in the way you truly desire, without neglecting family, friends, or your health.

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What People Are Saying:

In "Exit without Exiting", Jason Duncan introduces "The Exit Lifestyle.” He shares how to create and build a successful business that allows you to transition from owner-operator to owner-investor while maintaining profitability and continuing to generate enough cash flow for you to live the life you choose. When you can Exit without Exiting you have financial freedom, but even more importantly, freedom of your time. It is an important read for every entrepreneur.

Sharon Lechter – Co-author of "Exit Rich", "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and 14 other Rich Dad books, "Three Feet from Gold", "Outwitting the Devil", "Think and Grow Rich for Women"

The tools and strategies found in Jason’s book “Exit Without Exiting” make it a must-read for any entrepreneur who is looking to unlock more passion, purpose, and profitability in their life and business.

David Meltzer – Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing, Best-selling Author, and Top Business Coach

If you are trapped in your business and want to create an escape hatch without losing a beat...call my boy Duncan. He knows how to set up systems and processes so business owners can enjoy ownership as it was intended. This book gives away all his secrets. A must-read for stressed-out overworked entrepreneurs.

Brad Lea – Entrepreneur, Author, Podcaster, Speaker, CEO, Philanthropist, Investor