Don't Say Divorce

How One 51-second Video Blew Up the Internet!


I was a guest on Brad Lea's podcast, Dropping Bombs, in May 2022. During an hour-long conversation–mostly about business–we spent a couple of minutes talking about my marriage relationship with my wife of 27 years. This 51-second clip that was posted on Instagram has now been viewed over 30 million times and has had over 300,000 likes, over 10,000 comments, over 350,000 shares, and 100,000 saves. It had nearly 500,000 reactions on Facebook alone.

Why such a huge response to a short clip about someone like me not saying divorce in my marriage relationship? It is interesting, isn't it? Since this clip was released, I've been contacted by thousands of people, asking questions about how this can work in their marriage. I've had people ask me deep questions about what to do and their relationships. I've had people express gratitude for the courage I displayed in this video (even though it didn't seem courageous to me at all). I had some applaud me for standing up for traditional marriage values and many others hating on me because I don't leave divorce as an option in my relationship.

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The Whole Story behind "Don't Say Divorce"

Since there was such a big response to this viral video, I made it the subject of my TED talk at TEDxWilmington on April 29. The Ted folks will be posting the video on this page sometime soon, but in the meantime, you can watch the video below of me on my podcast, telling the entire story behind the "Don't Say Divorce" topic.

Video Poster Image