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TEDx Speaker | Mastermind Leader | Podcast Host | Bestselling Author | Entrepreneur | Motorcyclist | Cigar Aficionado | Business Coach

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Experience You Can Trust

  • #1 International Bestselling Author
  • 2x TEDx Speaker
  • Master Business Coach
  • Launched over one dozen start-ups
  • Consulted dozens of start-up and growth-stage entrepreneurs
  • Founder of The Exiter Club, an exclusive mastermind for select entrepreneurs who want to live the exit lifestyle.
  • Founder of TRJD Enterprises, a world-class coaching and strategic consulting company serving entrepreneurs and business owners around the world.
  • Host of the syndicated podcast, The Root of All Success, which airs on the C-Suite Radio Network on all podcast platforms such as iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcasts, YouTube, etc.
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What Led Me Here

  • BS. in Ministry, (Southern Christian University)
  • BA. in Education (Lipscomb University)
  • BA. in School Administration (Lipscomb University)
  • PH.D. in Business (incomplete, University of the Cumberlands)
  • 13 years experience as a pastor and spiritual advisor
  • 4 years experience as a school teacher
  • Licensed Educator
  • 12 years experience as a successful entrepreneur
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Public Speaking Topics


In my signature talk, I reveal the dirty little secret most entrepreneurs won’t admit: they are trapped in their business. Most people start businesses to get more freedom and more money, but they end up working longer hours, are stressed out, and become a slave to their businesses. I share six simple steps to help you break free from this trap and begin living the exit lifestyle.


A survival guide on what to do when things go in the direction that you least expect! This talk centers on The Law of Adaptation. Simply stated, you will learn how your ability to adapt will always outperform your ability to plan. You will walk away with a simple plan on how to leverage this universal law in order to reach your life, business, and financial goals more quickly.


In this talk, I explore four core questions that, when answered positively, can guide you toward discovering your life's true purpose. I'll show you how these questions work together to provide clarity and direction, empowering you to start pursuing your passions with confidence. Whether you're feeling lost or simply seeking greater fulfillment in life, this talk will provide you with actionable insights to help you uncover your true purpose and start living a more purposeful life. Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain greater clarity and direction in your life!

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Watch my TED Talk at TEDxWilmington (April 2022)

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My Bestselling Book

Exit Without Exiting: How to Exit Your Business without Selling It and Begin Living the Exit Lifestyle Much Sooner than You Ever Thought Possible

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The Root of All Success with The Real Jason Duncan

As an entrepreneur, it is natural for you to look around you and wonder how other entrepreneurs have achieved success. What keys did they use to unlock such successful lives and successful companies? The Root of All Success looks deeply into the unique stories of some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, many of whom you’ve never heard of. Success is within your grasp, too, if you simply use the same keys these amazingly successful entrepreneurs used to unlock their success. There are five specific keys to success that every entrepreneur has used to unlock their level of success. We talk about how they each used these keys to unlock success on the show. You get the benefit of learning how to emulate their success by using the same keys.

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Nathaniel Holzmann

"Any entreprenur who's intersted in growing their business and exiting the business without losing ownership or control, they'd be well-served by [Jason]!"

John Johnson

"I’d move mountains to make sure I don’t miss anything Jason does. The Exiter Club has fundamentally changed my outlook not just in my business, but for my life."

Jake Milner

"I come in scattered and confused and I leave with mental clarity and confidence ."