Exit Readiness Assessment

Are You Ready to Exit?


Are you tired of the grind of daily operations? Wondering where your fire went? Do you just know there's more to life than working 40-60 hours a week? Are you desperate to get your business to take that giant leap to the next level–without causing you more burnout and stress?


With this tool, you will begin the journey to completely remove yourself from the day-to-day running of your business so you can...

  • Work 90% less while accomplishing significantly more.
  • 3-10x the value of your company because you’re no longer its biggest asset. 
  • Stop choosing between your dream life and your dream business and have both.
  • Finally enjoy the freedom you craved when you first started.
  • Finally stop trading time for money and unlock more of both.
  • Shed the frustration & overwhelm of being an entrepreneurial job owner.
  • Stop being the biggest bottleneck in your business.
  • Create unlimited freedom to start new businesses, travel or spend more time with family. 


This is the exact system I've used to build and grow a multi-million dollar business and go on and start five others, all while being completely absent from the day-to-day.


My Story of Exiting


I started my first big business when I was an unemployed school teacher. After years of sweat and tears, I took it to multiple seven figures. Magazines such as Inc, Entrepreneur, and the Nashville Business Journal called it one of the top entrepreneurial companies in the country…

But there was one thing they didn’t know:

I was miserable. I had myself trapped. I was making a ton of money… but I didn’t have the time to spend it. If I took time off and didn't check in, my business would collapse.

Besides that, I knew that running a lighting and electrical company wasn't the reason God put me on the planet.

Sure, I enjoyed my business and I truly loved my employees, but I wasn't fulfilled. I wanted something more.

That’s when I realized I needed it to change. I hired a business coach in 2017. He told me that my business revolved around me. I had to escape from the operations.

So for the next 24 months, I worked to uncover the four core principles of getting out of the daily operations of the business. It won’t take you that long, because I already figured it out for you. And I finally felt like a business owner, not an employee.

Now, I travel with my wife in an RV for a third of the year and I go on epic cross-country motorcycle rides when I want to. And I don’t have to worry about any issues in my business.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to do the same thing? Well, maybe you don’t want to camp or ride a motorcycle, but there IS something you want to do, isn’t there?

How soon can you get started building a lifestyle you really want?

There are three main types of exits.

Each of them have their pros and cons... And depending on what season you’re in, one will be better than the others. Here they are:

The Earnout

This is typically only used in special private equity situations. It's a bad choice for entrepreneurs like you, and you'll still have to worry about operations. Don't worry about this one.

The Sale

This is where you completely get out of your business. When you sell your business outright, you’ll get a big cash influx... But you’ll lose all the cash flow. And if you love your business, you won’t be able to run it with your vision anymore.

Exit without Exiting

This is the way that I teach. You aren’t involved in your business... But you still own all the assets AND keep all the cashflow... While having the freedom to travel and enjoy the entrepreneur lifestyle. Plus... If you sell later on, you’ll be able to sell for a MUCH higher number. Frankly, if you plan on selling, you should still have completed this type of exit. Nobody’s going to buy a business that’s still reliant on the owner.

The Bottom Line

My FREE Exit Readiness Assessment is designed to show you just how soon you can exit...no matter which exit you choose. With this tool and the accompanying coaching with me, you’ll know exactly which actions to take to prepare your business so that it doesn’t revolve around you... And you’ll be making a lot more without slaving away every week.



What’s the whole reason you started a business in the first place?


Which is pretty ironic considering most entrepreneurs end up working 80-hour weeks and are too stressed and burnt out to do anything else with their life. Even if they do end up making more money than they did in the corporate world… It’s not enough to make up for the loss of free time. That lifestyle isn’t sustainable.

Let’s be frank here… We sh*t on 9-5ers for having to earn “vacation days”… When we can’t even take a single vacation ourselves.
And that’s what a lot of my clients realize before they come to me. One client was so involved in his business that not only was he working 100-hour weeks… He didn’t take any money out of his business at all. We did some training for him and his employees… And within just 30 days, he was able to restructure his business so that he was getting paid and enjoying his business as well.

Another client was getting ready for a sale and hired me to make sure all the details were set. We set up the right systems and processes and added over $1 MILLION to the purchase price. He ended up selling his company for 8 figures.


I believe that business ownership is not the goal; rather it provides financial resources to support our families and personal lives outside the business.


I believe this because you started your business to give you a better life, not just to give you a better job. This is why I spend most of my time coaching entrepreneurs.
I teach business owners how to design businesses around their lives rather than their lives being built around the business.

I’ve helped founders free up over 50% of their time to focus on more important tasks in the business or just so they could spend more time with their families.
If you could begin living the exit lifestyle without having to sell your businesses like I’ve helped all of my other clients do, what would stop us from working together to get you there, too?

I believe that you don’t have to sell your business to live the exit lifestyle.


I believe this because if you design your business the right way, you can get a permanent passive income from the business that you own that allows you to go off to your next big adventure without needing to sell it to another person. This is why I discovered a way where you can exit your business without selling it. You can exit without exiting. That means you can live the exit lifestyle now without going through the trouble of selling it and still maintain all of the financial and tax benefits of business ownership. That is exactly what I did with one of my multi-milion-dollar companies and what I now show other people like you how to do.

Some of my clients simply use the extra time they find in their lives after they begin implementing my four core principles to spend more time with their families, others go on vacations, others open up new divisions inside their companies. It really is up to you. The point is, you can begin living the exit lifestyle today without having to sell your company to a third party.

If I can help other people learn how to live the exit lifestyle without necessarily selling their business, what would keep you from learning how to do this with me too?

I believe that most entrepreneurs are job owners, not business owners.


Sound familiar?

I believe this because they have no freedom around the choices they make each day. They are required to show up every day and put in the work or the business doesn’t succeed and they don’t get paid. That’s not true business ownership.

This is why I work with my clients to show them what business ownership really is. It’s not a job. I show them the three roles you should have as the founder of the business. Once you understand your three roles, it makes it much easier to step away from day-to-day operations without the fear of the business failing without you.

While most business coaches teach productivity tools to their clients to get more done, I teach my clients about their three primary roles as a founder. If you understand and obey the Law of the Architect and focus on your three primary roles, you will not only get yourself out of the weeds of daily operations, but your business will begin growing as a valuable asset.

After I taught one of my clients the Law of the Architect, his mindset shifted in such a way that he got clarity for the first time since he started his business. He had spent most of his entrepreneurial journey feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and burdened by day-to-day operations. He didn’t understand why he wasn’t experiencing success. The reason was he was breaking the Law of the Architect.

If I could help him get clarity in his business so that he feels freedom and clarity, what would keep you and me from working together so that I could get you some freedom and clarity too?

What do you get from the Exit Readiness Assessment?

  • Clarity on what needs to change in your business so you can experience freedom.

  • 3-10x the value of your company with the four core principles you will learn. 

  • Blueprint for designing your business around your life.

  • Specific action items that you can accomplish within 90 days to prep your business for your exit.

What is included in Exit Readiness Assessment?

  • An online assessment to measure your exit readiness.
  • If you qualify, you will be offered a free 30-minute live assessment call with Jason to go deeper into your exit timeline.
  • The call will give you specific action items for designing your exit timeline based on real-life data from your business.

This Is What It's All About

  • Exit your business with confidence
  • Increase value & achieve freedom
  • Remove yourself from daily ops
  • Accomplish more with 90% less work
  • 3-10x company value
  • Have both a successful business & life
  • Enjoy freedom & avoid frustration
  • Stop being a bottleneck in your business
  • Unlock time & money
  • Create unlimited possibilities
  • Proven system for success