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  • People are the only things that will transfer from this world to the next, so I want to invest in them first.
  • Businesses are exciting because they make the world go ‘round. They create the money and the resources that we need to do good.
  • Ideas fuel progress into the future and make the world a better place
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  • PEAP Mentorship Program
  • Public Speaking and Emceeing events
  • Results University, the world’s premier online educational platform for entrepreneurs and business
  • Developing a non-profit to help underserved people start their own businesses
  • RTI Coach, a business coach certification program that provides strategic coaching and consulting for entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • I am interested in teaching the next generation of entrepreneurs through education and coaching. Group coaching and one-on-one coaching are available to a limited number of clients.
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  • Owner of Energy Lighting Services, which conducts LED lighting retrofit projects for large commercial buildings across the US and full-service electrical contracting services to residential and commercial customers in the greater Nashville area.
  • Partner in Dunhaven Investments, a private investment fund that invests in businesses and real estate.
  • Owner of TRJD Enterprises, a business coaching and consulting platform.
  • I am always looking to invest in business opportunities, real estate, and other passive investments. If you have an opportunity you want to share with me, please fill out this form.


  • I am a member of several private and professional organizations whose goals revolve around the elevation of humanity through ideas, concepts, business, charitable giving, and good works.
  • Member of The Standard Club
  • Owner of a small private charitable foundation that awards financial gifts to charities and other non-profits that are doing good around the world
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